Our Story

Cleins Horse Transport started in January 2021 by Justin Clein after purchasing the ‘Western Run’ from long-time friends, Les and Paula Rudd from Rudds Horse transport. Les and Paula made the decision to sell the well-known run at the end of 2020. Justin seen this as a great opportunity to purchase the established and well known ‘Western Run’, which services the Southern & Western downs of Queensland up to the Northern Territory.

Justin comes from a horse background having competed throughout Australia & USA in the cutting industry. Whilst the horse transport side may be new to Justin, Trucks, Heavy Haulage, and Earthmoving are certainly not, having spent over 12 years developing and operating his own successful business “The Clein Group” which specialises in oversized transport across Australia. Justin and the team from Clein’s Horse transport look forward to hearing from you soon.

Our Run

The Trip

Horses that are in our care are well rested and cared for at each of our designated stopovers. They are fed good quality lucerne hay and have
access to fresh water at all times. Your horse also has the luxury of having a rest in their own individual stable or yard.

Our team at Clein’s understand that not all horses are good travellers, we pay attention to all our horses on board during their trip and endeavour to make trips as stress free for both horses and people.

What happens if your horse becomes unwell? If your horse becomes unwell while in our care we will be in contact with the owner as soon as possible to discuss what we are seeing.

The next step is to seek veterinary attention for your horse. If we are unable to get in contact with the owner, we assume that we have your permission to seek veterinary attention if it is in the best interests of the horse. However, we do carry a small vet kit on board if needed.

Our Trucks

Features Include:

Full Stallion Dividers

Our trucks are fitted with fully adjustable stallion dividers with rubber drops to the floor. This provides safety and protection between each horse on the truck. Our adjustable dividers allow us to transport all sizes from miniatures to Clydesdales.


Our trucks have rubber shock resistant flooring that is covered with clean wood shavings. This not only allow the horses to have a soft surface to stand on but also helps soak up any moisture from manure.

Low Loading Ramps

Our trucks are equipped with air bags that lower the rear end of the truck when loading and unloading. This reduces the angle of the ramp making it easier for not only experienced horses but also horse that are nervous or had little loading experience.


Our trucks allow maximum air flow throughout the entire truck from the large side windows and roof ventilation. Our 48-foot trailer is insulated, which provides a cooler environment for the hottest of weather conditions.

Feed and Water

Our 48-foot trailer is equipped with self-waters for each individual horse. The driver has full control of the watering system from the cab. The horses are fed high quality lucerne hay every night at our designated stop overs. They always have access to fresh water at each stopover.


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Some of our trucks are fitted with camera monitoring devices